Does Your Child Have Guaranteed Access to Quality Education? This is a call to action for Clifton, Clifton Heights, University Heights and Fairview (CUF), Spring Grove Village, and zip code 45220 residents concerned about public education access. Did you know that our neighborhood assigned public school is failing on the state report card?

Access to Fairview-Clifton German Language School, a CPS magnet school, is only available through the CPS lottery. Not having guaranteed access to quality public education could result in fewer families moving to and staying in our neighborhood, which may also negatively impact our property values.  The Community Councils of Clifton, CUF and Spring Grove Village agree that the Clifton Cultural Arts Center must remain in its current building. Plans and designs for a new neighborhood school will be considered only for other locations.

Let's join together to provide guaranteed access for all children in our neighborhood to attend a quality public school. Our neighborhood and CTM Education Committee is working hard to make positive change happen.  Sign up for our email list focused on this topic so that you can become more involved.

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